Ukraine | Eurovision Talents


Ukrainian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is Mika Newton with song Angel. Ukrainian national selection took place in the studio of Shuster LIVE, where 19 talented artists fought for the place on stage in Düsseldorf.

Mika Newton was born on 5 March 1986 and she is a Ukrainian singer from the city of Burshtyn. She leads a rock band whose other members are known as Uncle Fe, Snow, Andrew and “Loco” Vitalii. Their début album Anomaliya (Anomaly) was released in 2005. Newton has been singing since the age of nine. Her music and her choice of clothes and accessories are strongly influenced by punk and gothic styles. She has been likened to the Canadian singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne.

Ukrainian participant Mika Newton believes that she can bring Eurovision Song Contest back in Ukraine – after debuting in 2003 Ukraine has an amazing success in 2004 with famous Ruslana.

For Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Ukraine choose a girl one more time – is it special charm? Let’s wait and see during second Semi-Final on 12th of May.