San Marino | Eurovision Talents


San Marino’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is Senit. Senhit Zadik Zadik known as Senit born October 1 1979 in Bologna is an Italian singer. She started her career abroad. She performed in musicals like Fame, The Lion King and Hair in Switzerland and Germany. In 2002 she returned to Italy and claimed to fame in the Italian music business releasing her debut album in 2006 and her second album Un tesoro é necessariamente nascosto in 2007 with these singles: La mia cittá é cambiata, La cosa giusta, La faccia che ho. In 2009 she released her third album So High, all in English with three singles Work Hard, No More and Party on the Dance Floor. Senit got three albums released along with 8 singles.

After her experience abroad, which allowed her to meet and personally live the culture of the country where R&B was “coined” for the first time, Senit went back there in spring and summer 2010 to record some demos tracks with some of the most important American producers, who had already been working with some other great artists such as Pink, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Busta Rhimes. During her stay on the West Coast, Senit also focused on the pre-production of here new album, cooperating with an exceptional team.

San Marino is the latest country to confirm its participation in Eurovision 2011. San Marino joined the EBU family in 2008 and the country’s only participation at Eurovision Song Contest was in the same year when the contest took part in Belgrade. Unfortunately, rock band Miodio couldn’t take them through to the final despite the group’s performance which was surpassed all expectations.

This year is very important for San Marino and it’s Eurovision Song Contest participant Senit. She is amazingly talented, young, beautiful and successful but will it be enough in Düsseldorf at Eurovision 2011? We can only hope for best for San Marino and it’s entry!