Albanian entry to Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is Rona Nishliu with a song Suus. Literally the title of the song means personal or one’s own. Lyrics to the song are written by Nishliu herself meanwhile the music is composed by Florent Boshnjaku. “Suus” will be performed in two languages – Albanian and Latin.

Rona Nishliu is a singer and radio DJ from Kosovo. Born in Titova Mitrovica, Yugoslavia in 1986, Nishliu moved to the capital of Kosovo – Pristina – at the age of thirteen.

In 2004 Rona participated in Albanian Idol and managed to place in the top five of the final. Soon after she worked at Radio Blue Sky in Pristina as a DJ.

In December 2011 Rona Nishliu took part as a contestant in the 50th Festival – Albanian national elections – and got maximum twelve points from five jury judges out of seven and thus became the finalist honoured to represent Albania at Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Nishliu is the first ever singer from Kosovo awarded the opportunity to present Albania at Eurovision. She will perform in the first half of the first semi-final on May 22d and your are the one to decide if Rona Nishliu is worth being called the best European singer 2012.