Farid’s performance gets improved, after second rehearsal

Farid Mammadov, Azerbaijani entry for Eurovision 2013, had his second rehearsal today on a stage with full costumes. There were made few minor but important changes in production of the staging. In total artist’s team is very pleased with the results of two rehearsals.

Farid Mammadov, Azerbaijan

First and foremost, there were some technical improvements in the props. The transparent box in which a dancer performs on stage and which also serves as a podium for Farid required some adjustments to exclude the heavy mood-effect smoke so the dancer could breathe properly. This unexpected challenge turned out after the Farid’s first rehearsals on stage when the special effects were added.

Another improvement was made with the dress of the female dancer that appears to play the role of Love. On stage she wears a stunning red dress with a back that repeats the shape of human spinal. Moreover the train of the dress is 20 meters long, which caused some issues with handling it.

The last but not least, some improvements were made with the dancer who plays Farid’s alter ego inside the transparent podium. Today his looks and hairstyle are brought to the image that fully shows the idea of Farid’s shadow.

After his first rehearsal at Malmo Arena Azerbaijani entry for Eurovision 2013, Farid Mammadov, showed a dramatic shift in betting stakes, raising from 13th place to the TOP-5, according to William Hill Online Betting.

Farid Mammadov performs Hold Me in the Second Semi Final on May 16th 2013, under #4. Watch Hold Me on YouTube. Follow Farid on Facebook and Twitter, and even more exclusive on Instagram!

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Source: farid.eurovisiontalents.com

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